The play is solved as a theatrical play – a duel between Good and Evil. The devil and the angel are fighting for influence over the human soul. The stakes in this fabulous theatrical duel are the souls of Kai and Gerda.

At first glance, the Devil prevails because the pieces of the broken devil’s mirror have scattered evil all over the world.

The rose that blooms in the middle of winter is the only magical weapon of the Angel. It is a symbol of Love, as well as of the life-giving and reviving energy of the Creator.

The image of the Snow Queen is an artistic avatar of the dark intellectual idea – the current Transhumanism. Her desire to turn Kai into a being with a cool, senseless intellect, superior to others, is associated with the dark utopia of creating artificial intelligence, of man – a machine (cyborg).

But the laws of the Creator are irrevocable, and life is an eternal cycle. After each end comes a new beginning, and “when we reach the end, we will know much more than we do now.”


Todor Valov

Creative team

By H.Chr. Andersen

Directing and libretto: Todor Valov
Scenography: Ivaylo Nikolov
Puppets and costumes: Iva Gikova
Music: Vivaldi
Music adaptation: Plamen Mirchev – Mirona
Multimedia: Teodor Kiryakov, Georgi Dobryanski

Cast: Alexandar Stankovski, Diyana Georgieva, Desislava Chardaklieva, Atanas Dimitrov, Viktor Kapadzhiev, Nataliya Petkova, Yoana Racheva


Additional information

Where and when to watch


Sofia Puppet Theatre, stage 14 „Gurko“ str.

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