The performance is based on the grounds of  “A big police tale” by Carel Chapek. The characters are made up of six actors, a wizard and a single puppet – Lamiata . The intense live presence of the actors, the interesting characters and their inherent plasticity introduce us together with the beautiful scenography and the original music to the life story, presented to us within an hour. And so… in the service ’’ Lost Things “ , gets an unusual egg from which hatches … a Lamia. And this is not only some Lamia, but an enchanted princess punished for her bad temper.  Will princess Amina be able to regain her human form? How to discover and preserve the human in us? What makes us human?  In a world made up of rules and norms, man is threatened with depersonalization and the lack of empathy and care for others opens growing gaps between us. They can only be filled up with love.

We live in difficult times in which it is very important to reach out with pure love and care for the being next to us because only such an act makes us human. The performance is oriented to the family audience. It helps to engage the young spectators in the eternal values – love, kindness and compassion.

Creative team

By Karel Capek, dramatisation – Simon Schwarz

Director: Vladislava Dzhambazova
Scenography and puppets: Emeliyana Andonova – Toteva;
Music: Vladimir Dzhambazov
Cast: Petar Gaydarov, Zhulieta Koleva, Yanna Gencheva, Rusita Boeva, Radostina Andreeva, Borislava Ruseva and Petko Petkov.


Additional information

Where and when to watch


Sofia Puppet Theatre, stage 14 „Gurko“ str.

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