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The little match girl



Director:Elina Sarno (Finland)
Space and puppets: Laura Hallantie (Finland), Elina Sarno (Finland)
Music and sound: Roosa Halme (Finland), Renat Shavaliev
Light: Nastya Ponomareva
On stage: Philippe Borodin, Asya Galimzyanova, Olga Dragunova, Renat Shavaliev

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“No one knew what miracles she saw, among what beauty she and her grandmother met New Year’s happiness” – Hans Christian Andersen

During Christmas night, the windows sparkle with colorful lights, people singing and laughing, tasty smells floating through the streets, which tirelessly open in front of the dressed up guests. On this magical night, everyone wants to be with the people they love. We all remember the sad story written by Hans Christian Andersen. However the absence of the classical text in this performance gives the audience the chance to see their own story. Everybody decides for themselves whether this fairytale is about a little girl, who got lost on New Year’s Eve, and her dreams or if it is a story about an antique doll, lost in the world of people bigger than her.
The play was made in a rare black box technique, which immersed an audience in a beautiful puppet reality. The actors will look like giants, the puppets will do wonderful tricks, each of which will last as long as one match burns.

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