„Well, dance now” – said the ant to the cicada, which was suffering, and begged the ant for a couple of crumbs. Then the little cicada began to dance. Maybe with that dance, it was going to soften the ant’s heart?The cicada started dancing. It danced for its life. It danced with death. It danced the dance of every living being. The dance of existence.

The dance that everybody dances in their own way. The best way possible. With all its beauty and creativity. In order to please those by whom our being and non-being depends on. So that they will let them live.

And for you, dear guests, each of those creatures will try to touch you the way they can with its pain and creativity. They dance for you.

To exist… once more… A moment. A moment from eternity. Again… again… again…

Creative team

By and with: Ilka Schönbein

Live Music: Alexandra Lupidi, Anja Schimanski

Music: Alexandra Lupidi

Puppets: Ilka Schönbein

Assistant director: Britta Arste

Lights designer: Anja Schimanski

Scenography: Suska Kanzler


Additional information

When can you watch the performance ONLINE

from September 10, 7:00 p.m.
to September 12, 7:00 p.m.
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